Timeline (Smiths)

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June 29, 1977

Laguna Beach Celebrates 50 Years

I love this old newspaper I have where the city is proudly celebrating 50 years since it was incorporated in 1927.  Now last June 2017 the city celebrated 100 years…
February 1, 1977

Another Fire Marshall Inspection

The Fire Marshall filled out the paperwork calling the South Seas Bar the Boom Boom Room. No permit was found to rename the South Seas Bar to the name Boom…
July 8, 1974

Fire Marshal Inspection Of South Seas Bar

The fire marshal was requested to inspect the South Seas for over crowding.  This is the same period of time that, if my family is correct, the bartender of the…
March 5, 1971

Raising The Sign (Coast Inn Liquor)

Coast Inn Liquor – My dad was so excited to have this new sign that he took several pictures May 5th, 1971 of it being erected on top of his…
January 1, 1970

Population: 14,550

September 22, 1968

Caroline Passed Away At Age 82

Throughout putting all this together, it is common for me to see errors.  Her driver’s license states she was born in 1896, but I have her documents stating 1886.  She…
January 1, 1961

Pappy Passed Away At Age 79

It’s been a challenge to find accurate information.  For Grandpa, he was born 8/1/1881 and passed 2/17/1961, so just shy of living 80 years.  He and Grandma married in 1912,…
January 1, 1960

Typical Coast Inn Restaurant Days

These photos show the look of the inside restaurant for years.  I believe the office may have been removed but the dining continued until Patrick and James changed this area…
January 1, 1960

Population: 9,288

May 1, 1958

$58,038.32 Paid To The Smith Hotel Company From El Rancho Sell

The funds from the sell of the El Rancho was paid to the Smith Hotel Company. Sum total of $58,038.32
January 1, 1958

New Partnership Agreement

Pappy initiated a new agreement with his adult children.  Lessor is the Smith Hotel Company (includes Pappy & Caroline with their 5 kids).  Lessee is the Coast Inn (includes just…
October 1, 1957

Sold El Rancho Motel To A High School Friend

Who remembers Mona Lee Harris?  She went to high school in Laguna with the first few years graduating classes. Interesting she decided to move to Calexico and bought grandpa’s hotel. …
January 1, 1957

Coast Inn Restaurant Leased To Bob Boyd

It was around this time Bob Boyd leased the restaurant and managed it for the Smith family.  Before coming to the Coast Inn, Bob ran his French restaurant downtown.  I…
October 26, 1956

Remodel Complete And A New Liquor Store Added

Chris Abel helped the Smith family again.  I have to say out loud that it looks like Grandpa may have been on a budget with the redo of the Coast…
March 1, 1956

Article: Grandpa Thought This Was A Good Time To Expand Out Upstairs

February 1, 1956

Abel Family Contribution

This very talented and artistic family has contributed to the Smith family off and on for years.  Carl “Pop” Abel moved his family to Laguna Beach from Denmark.  Pop Abel’s…
February 1, 1956

The Front Area Of The Coast Inn Caught Fire

The fire department has told me they have the article of this fire.  It is somewhere and I hope someday I will have the newspaper article to post.  Grandma and…
January 1, 1955

No Dancing For 2 Years

I didn’t find documentation as to when dancing started at the Coast Inn, but a Land Use Ordinance ordered that dancing STOP.  It stopped for two years before the council…
January 1, 1953

Partnership Agreement Now Called Smith Hotel

Pappy drew up a Partnership Agreement between he & his wife and his 5 kids. They called it the Smith Hotel Company.
January 1, 1953

Pappy’s 2 Hotels Value at $283,000

The value at this time of Pappy’s Coast Inn and El Rancho Motel came out to $283,000.  Looks like I misplaced the article however I did read it.