Remodel Complete And A New Liquor Store Added

Article: Grandpa Thought This Was A Good Time To Expand Out Upstairs
March 1, 1956
Coast Inn Restaurant Leased To Bob Boyd
January 1, 1957

Remodel Complete And A New Liquor Store Added

Chris Abel helped the Smith family again.  I have to say out loud that it looks like Grandpa may have been on a budget with the redo of the Coast Inn?  Or they really wanted to update the building Chris style?  It has taken away from the early days of Spanish Colonial.  The one thing that remains intact is my grandparents’ community spirit.  As you read our history, my hope is that this thread stands out for you.

As you look at the photo, now it is easy for me to point out that the front area off PCH was dining with the sophisticated dark bar, the Tap Room.  This restaurant became known for the great food that Charlie, our chief, provided.  We loved his breakfast on Sunday, with lines to get in way out the door.  Upstairs became business suites leased to different businesses.   Go down more steps that eventually lead into the South Seas Bar.  The room in the middle served as an extra dining area/game room.  Notice you no longer see the sign “Coffee Pot.”  The bars both still had the famous fish bar and the Polynesian theme.

And Grandpa’s newest addition, the Coast Inn Liquor Store, is the Chris Abel design that was splendid back then.  The beautiful wood “stood out” both inside and out and just invited so many patrons.  Grandpa moved the Olympic Cottage on to Mountain Rd. where we now see it and he paved some more parking spaces behind the liquor store.  I don’t know when the parking meters on Mountain Rd. were installed, but I do know my dad complained of not enough parking spaces, which this problem only increased with the years.


Coast Inn liquor store

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