Thank You

JANE JANZ       Jane asked me, “would you like some articles of the Coast Inn I happened to collect while I was in search at the library?”  She then gave me numerous articles dating back to 1928 on up to 1956.  Well, for me this made the website.  I tried sitting in the library one day and using their micro-fish machine to look through old newspapers for hours, never seeing anything.  One day was all I could handle, so I am endlessly grateful to Jane to share her find with me.  For those who don’t know Jane Janz, she is rich with our Laguna history.  As you may notice on the blog, her family history goes back to 1895.  Thank you Jane.  I know my family alone will enjoy the details of these early articles.

CAROLYN HOBERT FISCH      Carolyn is another Laguna wonder with her family going back in time.  Her family, or three of them, are the three women you see on the brochure to advertise the opening day of the Coast Inn May 1929.  Carolyn generously let me copy her original.  I love how unique it is, very impressed with the creativity of someone who designed this piece.  I mention Carolyn’s dad, Ed Hobert, when in 1950, Grandpa had a neighbor protesting a variance he asked from the city.  Ed was the inspector for the city at the time.  But in the 1940s, Ed was a motorcycle police officer like my dad.  As Carolyn and I talked we kept finding all kinds of connections with our two families.  So fun.  Then Carolyn surprised me with a great article.  I had known about the Olympic Cottage that sits on Mountain Road.  Well, Carolyn gave me an Aug. 19, 1982 article written in the Laguna Newspost I was able to put in the 1932 timeline.  See how blessed I am with this support?

ANNE FRANK      Thank you for supporting me when my ideas were just swimming in my head.  It is also your Laguna history and love that contributed towards this end result.  I had so much knowledge and many more details that I wanted to share whenever I talked to the Heritage Committee.  Anne, you were great about meeting me for coffee and cheering me on.

CRAIG LOCKWOOD     Now this man knows his history and knows how to write a book.  He remembers those early years when Pappy was often at the hotel.  He remembers our beach volleyball and our life guards.  I thank you, Craig, for believing I could do this.  Your “Peanuts” book, written as the best social cultural accounts of the history of surfing, help me know I would find the guidance I needed to maybe come close to contribute my history.

INTERVIEWS      I interviewed to capture a few stories from Laguna Beach locals who either worked at the Coast Inn or enjoyed the South Seas bar.  I thank each of you for your time to recount your memories.  Among Jane and Craig are Howard Hills, Don Shields, Tim Davis, Sidney Bryan, Gregg Abel, Corky Smith and I can say Kelly Boyd but we had gone to school together so I knew his story.

MIKE McCULLEN    Craig recommended Mike.  I couldn’t be happier with his chosen design.  His sense of artistry is just right for Laguna.  And his technical abilities are so needed and appreciated.  Thank you, Mike.  I love the website and believe we have something that will contribute to Laguna for years to come. And thank you for your moral support; all this writing is not my greatest asset and you made the “JOB” so enjoyable for me.  A big thank you for listening to me, to my ideas and to things I insisted on.  We work well together and I know it will continue as you stay with this site to help maintain it.