History of The Coast Inn

Waves of Change

Laguna’s first of three hotels with a community spirit approaching 100 years

Welcome To The Past

Carolyn invites everyone to enjoy the rich history of her family and the Coast Inn. I am Carolyn, named after my grandmother Caroline. My grandparents, John “Pappy” and Caroline Smith, bought land in 1928 once they decided to build a hotel. They were eager to house their five kids within this hotel. My father was just fifteen years old with three brothers all close in age, Karl, Bob and Bernard. Betty Jean was only five years old. The Smith’s opened their hotel doors in May of 1929. This began ten decades worth of interesting memories for locals, as well as for many world-wide. Please feel free to browse or research as the Timeline is the story, the Gallery supports the story, the About is why I wanted to create this website and “That” Laguna “Those” Days are interviews of our locals, lifeguards, surfers and employees. Please share your story with us in the Blog section.

Laguna Beach Population Over The Years









Recalling History

Many Laguna Beach locals have shared their experiences with us and we are sharing them with you. This is an excerpt from Howard Hills’ story.

I saw the Coast Inn as having a crossroad of different cultures and demographics. It was not formal but allowed visitors and locals to enjoy a laid back setting with great style. Read More...


A Look Inside The Coast Inn