Article: Laguna’s First Liquor License

Article: Pappy Asks The City To Improve The Ocean Bluffs
June 30, 1933
Article: World Champion Swimmer Staying At The Coast Inn
July 14, 1933

Article: Laguna’s First Liquor License

Pappy applied for and received his liquor license. By this time the Smith family knew other establishments that wanted a liquor license. The Spigot received their license just 2 years later in 1935. Well Bernard, youngest of the 4 brothers, held a long standing debate with Cactus as to who was the first liquor license owner in Laguna. This article promotes the Coast Inn has two firsts: Liquor license and subscription to the South Coast News.

Kelly Ware is Cactus Ware’s son and friend to Dick’s kids.  So Kelly and Carolyn are able to enjoy this two family debate while talking and fondly sharing the history news from the 1930s on.  One topic is the dirt road in front of both buildings.  And Kelly’s grandfather built a free standing liquor store while Pappy housed his liquor store in the lobby of his hotel.  Either way, apparently both businesses have flourished for years.

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