Timeline (After Smiths)

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January 1, 2015

Original Three Laguna Hotels – Report

I became interested in these three hotels when I realized how related they actually are to one another.  The Camino Del Casa opened its doors February 1929 with the Coast…
February 1, 2014

Social Cultural History Report by Rita Cofield B.ARCH.

I met Rita Cofield back in late 2013 so she could interview me while a team was putting together an inch thick report that is quite costly for the new…
January 1, 2013

Sold to Chris and Marcella Dornin

Chris and Marcella Dornin, Dornin Investment Group (DIG), purchases The Coast Inn establishment from Steven Udar-Hazy.  Below are the architect plans by Marshal Innis.  They are in the process of…
January 1, 2010

Population: 22,723

January 1, 2007

Boom Boom Room Shuts Its Doors

Boom Boom Room reluctantly shut it’s doors.  Since 2005 Patrick O’Loughlin had continued to manage the restaurant, bar and hotel for the current owner Steven Udar-Hazy.  Now only the hotel…
January 1, 2005

Sold to Steven Udar-Hazy

Steven Udar-Hazy purchased the Coast Inn establishment from Carey Glen, Main Beach Realty.  He also purchased the liquor store from Nabil Rayes.  Nabil Rayes continued on to manage his store…
January 1, 2005

Sold to Carey Glen & Partner

Carey Glen & Partner, Main Beach Reality, purchase the Coast Inn establishment from James Marchese and Patrick O’Laughlin, Boom Boom Resorts, Corp. Note: Carey Glen & Partner only owned the…
January 1, 2000

Sold To James Marchese & Patrick O’Laughlin

James Marchese and Patrick O’Laughlin (Boom Boom Resorts Corp.) purchased the Coast Inn establishment from JTC Laguna Resorts. The restaurant known as the Coast Inn restaurant is now changed to…
January 1, 2000

Population: 23,727

January 1, 1998

Last and Remaining Employee of The Coast Inn

Pete Mihalek was hired by John in 1998 as the laundry worker.  As the years roll on and under the 5 different owners, Pete is now operations manager.  Many of…
April 2, 1992

Nabil Rayes Purchases Coast Inn Liquor Store

Nabil Rayes purchases the Coast Inn Liquor store from Sidney Bryan (Coast Inn Management Corp.).
April 1, 1992

Sold To John Halderman

John Halderman (JTC Laguna Resorts) purchases The Coast Inn from Sidney Bryan (Coast Inn Management Corp.). Note: $169,000 note is transferred from Sidney Bryan to JTC Laguna Resorts as my…
January 1, 1990

Population: 23,170

January 1, 1980

Population: 17,858

May 1, 1978

Coast Inn Sold to Sidney Bryan

Sidney Bryan (Coast Inn Management Corp.) purchases the Coast Inn establishment from the Smith Hotel Company (Dick, Karl, Bernard, Bob & Betty) releasing the Lessees Dick and Karl Smith.  I…