Coast Inn Sold to Sidney Bryan

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June 29, 1977
Population: 17,858
January 1, 1980

Coast Inn Sold to Sidney Bryan

Sidney Bryan (Coast Inn Management Corp.) purchases the Coast Inn establishment from the Smith Hotel Company (Dick, Karl, Bernard, Bob & Betty) releasing the Lessees Dick and Karl Smith.  I do remember dad saying how tired he was.  He worked the shift till 2:00 am for years.  He and Karl were both more then ready, age 66/65, to retire.

It is under Sid’s ownership that ads were used carrying the name “Boom Boom Room” forward.  Sid eventually changed the menu naming the popular burger “Boom Boom.”  Sid worked along side his mom and sister, Becky, carrying on the family ownership style of management while highlighting community spirit as did my family.  He continued to cater to the already established clientele of locals and businesses in town while encouraging the gay community to enjoy the South Seas Bar now known as the Boom Boom Room.  Sid contracted with Morris Skendarien to enhance the dance floor.  He also added the colorful painted tile that is close to the entrance of the office upstairs.  Sidney figures it wasn’t until 1984 or so, some 6 years after his purchase, that he notes the Coast Inn is now predominately a gay community.  See his letter below.

NOTE: Karl & Dick carried the NOTE for Coast Inn Management Corp that was paid in full 5-18-1988.


Coast Inn final day for the Smiths