Marines And Servicemen Love Enjoying Home Away From Home

Article: Pappy on a Shopping Spree
November 19, 1941
Construction Of Bay Windows Of South Seas Bar
July 27, 1944

Marines And Servicemen Love Enjoying Home Away From Home

During the war the Coast Inn was one hotel, bar, restaurant and beach that the servicemen would frequent in Laguna.  It was so popular I heard stories of ladies flying from NYC for a weekend of fun.  I have talked to a couple of guys who reminisce their time here with the fondest of memories.  Now that I see how community oriented my grandparents were, I can only imagine the joy they felt watching these young men restore their spirits before getting back to duty.

As you see in these two photos, the South Seas Bar here was before the bay windows were constructed.  The palm trees keep the theme of The Palm garden and dining room on the next level down.  This era holds many memories and I hope I hear from others who have stories.  I happen to have one such story written by the daughter of Ruth, who loved her days as a waitress in South Seas.  Enjoy.

South Seas

South Seas bar